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Sunday, February 27, 2022

What do you like about Putin?

What do you like about Putin?
What do you like about Putin?

Vladimir Putin, the strong man in Russia and the world ... a mysterious intelligence man ... a capitalist oriented.. an Orthodox Christian ... impresses millions in the world ... Pictures, articles, and others adorn the profiles of social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, vk. All responses are compliments and admiration!

Like many, I would like to understand this phenomenon... so I am asking for opinions here?!.

What do you like about Putin politically, of course?!

In your opinion, what is the importance of staying in power?

Tsar Putin is far above these Western clowns in terms of leadership and geopolitics. It is enough to hear his speech on the eve of the war excellent speech, full of wisdom, and historical references. As usual, the Western media has emptied it of its content... Everything Putin says in this speech is realistic. He confronts the West and NATO with their lies and contradictions by citing the military interventions in Libya, Syria and especially in Iraq (referring to Colin Powell and Rumsfeld) that destroyed these countries and killed millions of people. On lies and defying international law.

The military intervention that followed were directed against NATO, or rather the foreign policy of the United States and its vassals, and not against Ukraine. The West wants to impose on the Russian people its false and unnatural values ​​Putin is right “For Russia, NATO expansion in Ukraine is a matter of life and death.”

Someone from those we asked says: The head of a country with a great history in blood

Contrary to matters of world wars, the criminals who ruled me were Lenin when it was called the Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and then Stalin in the WWII era. They have a great history with blood and intense hatred.

The Afghans defeated them in guerrilla warfare in the 1990s, destroying them and expelling them. Russia after what was not called Russia and the dissolution of the Soviet Union defeat after defeat.

Ignoring the notable names, Putin's strongest achievements are a black belt in judo and a ceremony marking "Hani has deservedly reached the presidency and my people love me", a celebration he has become accustomed to over the years.

A president who succeeds in speech, fails on the ground, he and his country

We asked someone else for their opinion. He said that I like Putin as much as any patriotic figure who defends the interests of her country with the strength of her effort! I love her as much as I love Hitler and I love Saddam Hussein and I love Gaddafi and Chirac and Cherchell.....

These are people, even if we disagree with them in the way we deal with the issues that come to them, but even some people betray them! Or despise them! People gave their people what they had never done before.

Vladimir Putin, the strong man in Russia and the world
Vladimir Putin, the strong man in Russia and the world 

She doesn't even have a relationship to me, she's neither American nor Russian


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