December 2017 | German Technology

Monday, December 11, 2017


MiniApps chatbots will help you to make money on the cryptocurrencies

Last week was marked with the clear trend of the value increase of almost all tokens from the TOP-100, and primarily those provided with AI calculations and related technologies. So IOTA, embodying the “Internet of things” idea, in just a couple of days has grown by more than 100%, from $1.4 to $3.2.
This demonstrates the key trend of the 2017 end: high-tech projects of a new generation, combining AI and blockchain are the way of the future. And all of this describes the MiniApps project as well.
Only on our platform, all interested can create chatbots and small apps on AI without long years of training. With their help you can easily optimize any business, both large and small. With this by purchasing our token now, you can be sure its price will grow in 2018.