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Friday, November 3, 2017


Airdrop Campaign will Start from 2nd Nov to 18 Nov

What is Bitsync:
BITSYNC is future generation crypto Exchange and wants to build Ethereum based Blockchain exchange

i.e Decentralized Exchange

BITSYNC will be first to have both crypto exchange Centralized Exchange and decentralized exchange platform.

▪️To add TOKENS in wallet use:

Token name : Bitsync
Symbol : BITC
Decimal: 0
Contract address:
Its ERC20 based Token

Total coin Supply:

🔸We are starting our Airdrop
Campaign 🔸

▪️Rules To participate in Airdrop Campaign

🔹Should Join our Telegram chat
🔸Should Follow us on Twitter 
🔹On Twitter should have minimum 20 followers
🔸Should  do Everyday 2 Tweets or Retweets related Bitsync Community  

🔹To get Qualified one should follow all these rules or else will not be Qualified to Receive the Airdrop Tokens

▪️Phase -1 has been Completed

▪️Phase -2 has Started 
Phase -2 will start from 2nd Nov to 18 Nov or till we reach our Target 5k 

▪️Qualified users will Only receive the tokens

Token Distribution for Phase -2 will take place on 19,20 Nov 

🔹2 Nov to 18 Nov 🔹

Link for Registration for Phase-2 



Extra tokens can be earned through various medium

🔸Reddit (30 BITC)
🔹Bitcointalk (50 BITC)
🔸Cryptocointalk(30 BITC)
🔹Blogs (30 BITC)
 ( Depending on video length and views )

🔹Telegram (5 BITC)
🔸Others ( Depending on source)

▪️For posting acticles related to Bitsync on Reddit,Bitcointalk,Cryptocointalk & Blogs participants
Can earn BITC as mentioned above.

▪️Telegram user can invite their friends to join telegram
Chat on Bitsync. For every member that joins telegram, participants get 5 BITC.

For posting Videos on Youtube 100 BITSYNC Tokens will be awarded to the qualified users ( follow the instruction for video )

2 Minutes Long - 100 BITC
5 Minutes Long / Review - 200 BITC

▪️Every 2000 views get additional - 50 BITC ( with  span of airdrop campaign)

🔸Whole Campaign is divided into 4 Round🔸

✅1st Round from 
21st Oct to 25 Oct

Register user will be given 
200 tokens of bitsync 
In 1st Round

In 1st round 
Only first 1000 registered users are allowed 

✅2nd round from 
2 Nov  to 18 Nov

100 bitsync tokens will be awarded to registered user

Only first 5000 registeded users are allowed

✅3rd Round from
23 Nov to 5th Dec

50 bitsync tokens will be awarded to registered user

Only first 5000 registered users allowed


To Enter in 4th round need to follow the instructions
Given on the website 

✅4th Round from
8 Dec to 18 Dec

30 bitsync tokens will be awarded to registed users to only

First 10K Users will be allowed


Follow us on twitter:

Join our Telegram chat now:

BitSync Exchange ICO and airdrop round 2 is Live

Listing on 5 exchanges on Dec 21

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Info on BitSync

AIRDROP 21st Oct to 15th Nov 2017

Participants can join BitSync crypto airdrop Campaign by registering on our website. After which they need to like, follow & Retweet the airdrop & Bitsync Tweets. Participants also have to follow BitSync on telegram. This will fetch participants 250 Bitsync coin(Bitc).

Tokens will be airdropped every Monday. First airdrop will be on second Monday (30th oct).

*Update on site* Registration for Phase 1 has Completed. We are Distributing Tokens for Phase 1 on 30th Oct and 31st Oct. Registration for Phase 2 will Start from 1st Nov. Registration Link will up on 1st Nov for Phase 2.

*Update* Airdrop round 2 is live