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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Google has announced that it will add a new feature to her hour working system "Android ware" helps users find their smartphones lost.

Google has announced that it will add a new feature to her hour working system "Android ware" helps users find their smartphones lost.
Google has announced that it will add a new feature to her hour working system "Android ware" helps users find their smartphones lost

Google has announced that it will add a new feature to her hour working system "Android ware" helps users find their smartphones lost.
The company explained that the new service is not only to identify lost devices places are limited, but survey data from them or closed remotely as well 
To activate this service not only to the user pressing the "FIND My iPhone" feature, which will be within the main menu of your operating system 
It is possible to also Acharkh- ndash; according to activate the service via voice commands, to give time for the phone is lost, which in turn launched the ring, which helps the user to find it 
The company confirmed that the new feature does not require any intervention from the user to activate the smart watch, and it will be available in the hours operating system "Android ware" as an update released in the next few weeks 
Recall that to get to the phone is missing is required to use the same Google account related by phone on Android Dvaas Manniger property, which is available on the Google Play store for smart devices operating system Android 2.3 and later versions 
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A new feature prevents lock Android phone as long as you

The new feature will keep the phone lock open as long as the owner holds in his hand or in his pocket
The new feature will keep the phone lock open as long as the owner holds in his hand or in his pocket

Perhaps the lock smartphone security feature is required, but many may feel upset because they are often forced to decode the phone lock repeatedly they still carry it with them, and this is Google US company developed for the Android system is trying to get rid of him finally making phone  lock automatically as long as the owner
This new feature is called "disclosure of the body" (on-body detection) Google launched a limited number of users of Nexus phones, which carry Google and sign a copy of the works of pure Android. This feature manages the phone lock automatically without user intervention 
The feature is based on the acceleration sensor in smart devices to determine whether the phone is in the hands of the owner or with him or not, and can be activated within the settings for the advantage of the smart lock in the Android system 5 (Lollipop).
Google says in the description of "unpack your time lock feature, and will remain open as long as you hold the device or carry it with you, whether you're stuck in your hand or carry it in your pocket or bag, but when put the phone aside (on your desk, for example) it will close because it is not with you 
But noted that the new feature also will prevent the locking device in case the user unlock his computer and gave it to another user, as long as the new user holding the device in his hand or carried with him. (The phone will lock open if you're a victim, for example, twitch and was stolen phone from your pocket 
This new feature joins a host of other security options set by Google in Android system such as: reliable places, reliable hardware, reliable and faces 
The feature is available "detect body" through "Google Play Services" service and not as an update software independently, and is expected to reach to all users of Nexus and Android phones and other devices over the next few days.
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How scan used car before you buy it?

There is no doubt that many of us are heading towards the purchase of used cars, they are less expensive and meet our needs, but many of us may fall into the trap of the seller. Because you might fall into the trap and buy a car with hidden flaws, offer you how to check the car before you buy it.

First of all, you should not take the "mileage" counter key point in your judgment on the car, as many faulting this step as this counter can be manipulated at ease in order to hide the distance  this car

And then tested the engine's power, through operation of the vehicle and increase the engine speed, if lit up any warning sign, this means that one has to re-operation of the vehicle by removing the poles of the battery and delivered in an attempt to hide their problems 

To find out the ability of the generator, you loosen the party to the battery and then run the car and remove relaxant party quickly, and let the car are working to figure out how much power the generator 

To test the joints of the tire, then kicked the frame to the top if not a little, but it means that it is possible to move the joints change in the future 

It also requires you check the car paint and nails to see if they have been strong incident came to destroy the exoskeleton 

Referred to the need to drive the car at high speed and then suddenly brake pressure to make sure the brake force over the balance of the car and on the ground 

For more careful, try checking in metal parts, in case there is rust  This will necessitate you in the future switch damaged piece 

It is worth mentioning that the seller does have some deceptive practices in order to hide the blemishes and get rid of the car where the cleaner into the clear engine means that the seller is trying to hide the flaws and the elimination of the effects of the oil leak 

And in all cases, used cars remain the first choice for many people so it can be the use of experts in the maintenance in order to check the car and tested in a professional manner 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Einstein's name has become synonymous with genius of the meaning (Getty)

Einstein's name has become synonymous with genius of the meaning (Getty
Einstein's name has become synonymous with genius of the meaning (Getty
March 14 / March 1879 in the city of Ulm, Germany, was born Albert Einstein -ochehr scientists Alhaddat- era in which his name has become synonymous with the meaning of "genius", although he failed to attend the Swiss Polytechnic Institute exam before they succeed in that in the following year at the age of 17 years.
Einstein graduated from the institute in 1900, and two years later became a junior staffer for patent examination in the Swiss patent office in Bern, where he majored in electrical appliances.
In 1905 Einstein's genius manifested itself in pompous image before age exceeds 26 years, to the point that the so-called "miracle year" for Einstein, is subject to the publication of four papers that changed the shape of physics to the form that we know today.
The four papers
Photoelectric effect, and this paper explains the photoelectric effect -oho rules of everyday electronics HADITHA practical applications such as television. And helped his paper this in allowing quantum mechanics by emphasizing that the light particle and a wave at the same time, and this work in particular has been granted Einstein later Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.
"In 1905, Einstein's genius manifested itself in pompous image before the 27-year-old beyond, to the point that it was a miracle year"
Brownian motion, and the Einstein confirms that the particles in the liquid seemingly random movement (Brownian motion) are part of a predictable and measurable movement of atoms and molecules. This helped in the establishment of the kinetic molecular theory of heat. If you heat something the vibrating molecules inside. At the same time, Einstein gave unequivocal confirmation that the atoms and molecules exist in reality.
Special relativity, and this year also published Einstein's special theory of relativity. Prior to this theory was the time and place and mass absolute things, one for all, but Einstein showed that people are aware of the mass and space and time differently, but that this effect does not appear until the person starts to move almost the same speed of light. And there you will find, for example, that time in a spaceship moving quickly slows down, while the ship mass increases.
According to Einstein, the spacecraft that travel the speed of light will have infinite mass, the body which has the infinite mass also has infinite resistance to the movement, but this "can not be anything that is accelerating faster than the speed of light." Because of the special theory of relativity, now seen the light on the fact that the absolute values ​​of the mutant of space and time and matter.
Mass-energy equivalence, and provided this paper that the mass and energy Mtkavian, and this theory can be discerned in the equation E = mc2 known. This equation means that the energy (E) equals mass (m) times the square speed of light (c), which simply means that matter and energy are one thing. But nonetheless profound theory because the speed of light is a huge number, according to the equation can be a small amount of mass that turns into a huge amount of power .. similar to the atomic bomb.
But Einstein did not stop here, in early 1911 predicted that the light that passes near the huge mass-such as Star-may bend, an idea that led to the development of his theory of months, a general theory of relativity in 1916. The paper was founded modern gravity theory, and gave us the concept of "curved space". Wherein, for example, Einstein showed that small blocks-such Alkwakb- form what looks like dimples in space-time so that hardly affect the course of starlight, but huge chunks-such Alnujom- produces a curved measurable space.
The fact that the curved space around our sun can be "measured" prompted other scientists to prove Einstein's theory, in 1919, portrayed by two campaigns organized by Arthur Addington stars near the sun during the eclipse. The displacement of those stars have shown for the real positions in the celestial sphere that the sun actually attractive space to bend, so that the starlight that passes near the sun bends from the original track. This was confirmed by Einstein's theory of monitoring and made him a household name.
"Interestingly, the theories of Einstein contained elements not acceptable to himself, he was in some respects reluctant because a lot of breaks Newton / Maxwell's theories on which the work."
But interesting to Einstein's theories contained elements not accepted by himself, he was in some respects reluctant because a lot of breaks Newton / Maxwell's theories on which the work.
It is also some of the principles of quantum mechanics, such as the idea of ​​indeterminacy did not accept (Allataaan). But with the end of the twenties of this century, quantum mechanics has moved to the forefront of modern physics, however, Einstein did not fully accept a lot of new theories, came the famous remarks that "God does not play dice."
Besides the general theory of relativity proposed that the universe is expanding, either to shrink. But Einstein did not accept this idea, and that it is in the 1917 amendment "cosmic stability" in his theory, so as to make constant the universe. But in 1929 the American astronomer Edwin Hubble got the observational evidence that the universe is actually widen, thus Einstein was forced to revise his theory, and said that the introduction of "global stability," it was the biggest mistakes.
This side shows the personal Einstein's one of the reasons his legend and popularity wide, it has been able to this genius to imagine the universe mechanisms in ways that many people find us difficult even absorbed, and gave us his imagination answers to questions do not think most of us even to ask, but it was nevertheless prone to bias and weaknesses, because he was -such Bakatna- completely human.
Einstein carry dual Swiss and American, and he prefers to focus on his work and stay away from indulging in politics, to the extent that -oho Ehudaan- born to parents who had rejected an offer to take over as head of the State of Israel.
Died this world on April / 18 April 1955 in the US city of Princeton, New Jersey and has a 76-year-old, and left behind three sons, Edward and Hans and Astherl.
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Users can now buy phones and computers Tablets and other mobile from Google store

Users can now buy phones and computers Tablets and other mobile from Google store
Users can now buy phones and computers Tablets and other mobile from Google store

Google US company launched a Web site called "Google Store" focuses on the sale of products from electronic devices, in the final step in its efforts to attract buyers about their products
And became Users can now buy real goods include Nexus devices from smart phones and computers Tablets, computers Chromebook phones, Chrome Dreamcast broadcasts and other video, as well as devices such as "NIST" -mkies temperature connected Balanturnt- which acquired Google on the company developed him last year.
The move comes as part of Google's efforts to separate the actual sale of electronic products for the Google Play store, which focuses on selling software, such as smart, movies and music devices applications
Google and follow the footsteps of rival Apple, which has a separate online stores, they sell music, movies and applications across my shop "iTunes" and "App Store", while selling iPhone smart phones and computers iPad tablet PCs and Mac computers personal on a special section on its main
But not all technology companies follow the same week, Vomazzon, for example, used the location of one to sell all of the hardware and software products.
This is not the only thing that Google imitating fellow Apple, Earlier Wednesday, Google unveiled a retail store in the British capital London, where he would sell the organs as well as holding lessons and activities to teach people how to use their products, which is doing Apple a long time ago.
Nor is it the first time that Google is trying to sell hardware directly to customers, as the company launched when the first phone Nexus launched in 2010, a shop specializing on the Internet where people can buy the phone, and then moved later to sell the Nexus phones with external retailers, and at the end eventually began offering phones in the Google Play store as well.
But after five years, with the launch of more devices, the company hopes to be launching a dedicated e-store devices is the perfect solution.
According to the company, they will be shipped free products that are purchased through the new store, and for a limited period of time. And transferred all consumer information who recently bought products from Google to the Google Play Store shop.
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