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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Metal phone from Samsung thinner than the iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy Alpha was the first phone metal cover fully raised by the company last year
Samsung Galaxy Alpha was the first phone metal cover fully raised by the company last year

South Korea's Samsung unveiled officially phone Galaxy or 7 with a metal structure completely and thinnest smartphone yet a thickness of no more than 6.3 millimeters, making it the thinnest of another rival phones Apple American company iPhone 6, also plans to launch smart phones and Windows Phone operating system, and other phones Tizen operating system with Android applications feature.
It is known that Samsung phones usually come structure of plastic, which is always displayed to criticize those who believe they are thus depriving the phones of aesthetic element that characterized its iPhone phones, which paid last year to put a phone Galaxy alpha metal structure completely, then detected last Thursday for a telephone Galaxy 3 and Galaxy any any.
The Galaxy or 7, which will be put for sale the end of the first quarter of this year, from phones upper class due to the characteristic of the hardware, it supports two tranches of connection (SIM) and has a screen Super AMOLED type resistance to scratches measuring 5.5 inches in 1280 accurately × 720 in Kassala, and has 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and 16 Gigabaita of internal storage space expandable up to 64 Gigabaita.
The phone will present two options for both eight-core processor, two Qualcomm Snabdragon 615 developer according to architectural 64 beta, or Xsenoz Developer 5430 according to architectural 32 bits. The camera has 13 Megapeixla background accurately, and precisely five Megapeixlat front, and will support fourth-generation networks "LTE" and operates phone battery capacity of 2600 mAh / h. And come in blue or white or golden.

Galaxy Z 1 Tizen system comes with support for running Android applications (Getty)
Tizen .. Windows Phone
On the other hand, the company revealed that the phone "Z-1", the first phones, which plans to put the operating system "Tizen" will support the run Android applications through the application of "any BCL" Company "Open Mobile", which makes the work of running Android apps on Tizen system environment.
It is expected to launch the phone "Z 1" later this month, some of the global markets beginning of the Indian market, at a price not to exceed US $ ninety, which has a medium-class suit emerging markets targeted by Samsung to support the sales of its organs.
In addition to the Tizen, the Korea Times newspaper quoted concerned official directly on plans that Samsung has launched pilot programs about the stability of Windows Phone System 8.1 on the organs, and it is interested in promoting mobile devices operating this system, in an attempt to reduce its dependence on the Android operating system.
The report also pointed out that the Windows Phone mobile plan based on the results of the ongoing conflict and on the rights of property between Samsung and Microsoft, after the first final took place to the courts for refusing to pay what they should be out of funds on time

UAVs .. uses several promising future

The use of small unmanned drone in photography has provided a lot of the big costs in photography using traditional aircraft operations

No longer confined to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in military fields, where some companies are working on the development of drones for use in many areas, such as image capture and distribution business, postal and other parcels.
And continues to use unmanned drones completely illegal trade, where not yet issued regulations governing the movement of air, as many people are hesitant about it, as it supports only 21% of Americans use in commercial areas, according to the AP.
Despite fears violation of privacy or caused by security problems, operators of trying to convince the agency the Federal Aviation Administration (FIA) importance, where he confirmed the chief of vehicle systems without international crew, Michele Toscano, that unmanned highly effective in the performance of tasks and rescue the injured pilot , as well as help improve the human way of life.
A small group of aircraft operators have been successful unmanned newly obtaining the necessary approvals for the operation of these aircraft and launch in the US the sky, giving a glimpse of the possibilities offered in the case have been more reliable by, for example, used the "Fox Sports" in December / January past the first unmanned aircraft to improve the imaging during its coverage of one of the game of golf tournaments in the United States.
To portray matches the game of golf, television stations resort usually to use fixed and portable cameras, and hanging on the balloons, but to use drones, Fox Sports got a distinctive footage, because these aircraft, which is characterized by low cost of operation, able to maneuver and take pictures angles variety , which prompted the company's technical operations manager, Brad Cheney, to permit his belief that the drones will become essential tools in the TV output.

Initial model aircraft drones can be worn on the wrist like clockwork (Associated Press
Several uses
The researchers used unmanned aircraft to take pictures and videos of the coral reefs in the Caribbean, according to the world to preserve the nature of the Caribbean program, Steve Schell, which contribute to these aircraft identifying coral reef areas that should be classified as "nature reserves" due to the impossibility of sailing boat between those reefs or swimming next to them in order to be photographed.
And reduced public works authority in Colorado costs dramatically, after replacing conventional aircraft flying unmanned aerial survey of the performance of tasks. After that were paid sums ranging between eighty and 120 thousand US dollars to cover the costs of aerial surveys using traditional aviation, the drone of aircraft "Trimble UX Fife" cost 65 thousand dollars to perform the same tasks.

Energy companies did not restrict investment drones, where the company "BP" began to be used in Alaska to inspect chimneys burning oil refineries, After this process previously required extinguish the flame and send someone to climb and check the chimney, used the company's planes, unmanned helicopter capable of hovering over the chimneys and examined without turning them off and without human exposure risk.
Police also began "Mesa County" Province in Colorado to take advantage of unmanned aircraft in the areas of investigation of crimes, through the use to capture images are studied and analyzed to assist in uncovering the facts.
In spite of the lack of these aircraft for absolute approvals to enter into service, they have proven their ability to human supplement aid variety provide him with ease and greater accuracy in the performance of his duties, so it is expected to be the adoption of laws on this aircraft at a time not long ago, and perhaps become seen in the sky US considered normal during the next few years

Technical cooperation to provide high-speed Internet

Cooperation between Google and SpaceX to create a communications network to provide Internet planetary Earth and Mars
Cooperation between Google and SpaceX to create a communications network to provide Internet planetary Earth and Mars

Google Inc. plans to cooperate with SpaceX American Foundation for Space Technology, in order to implement the project launch satellites into space to create an Internet communications network provides superior speed and low cost
News report revealed that Google is currently negotiating with SpaceX to finance the development of satellites and supplies launched into Earth orbit, a process which is expected to cost about ten billion US dollars.
The report added that other investors will enter the financing of the project, in order to speed up the satellite launch process, and accelerate the establishment of the so-called "Internet space
The Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX Foundation, has revealed a few days ago about the satellite project, describing it as the largest of its kind, as it aims to create a global communications network will provide Internet planetary Earth and Mars.
Mask explained that the network may provide Internet service to three billion people is both cases, Internet users on the ground, as will solve the problem of poor Internet connection in some areas around the world, and will increase the current speed of the flow of data on the Internet, and are expected to make their way to provide internet to the people of the colonies future on Mars.
It is expected that the launch of satellites into Earth orbit 750 miles above the earth, so low a distance of more than synchronous orbit in which the spin most moons current connections, and that those satellites compete submarine cables currently used the Internet to provide in most countries of the world
It is noteworthy that Elon Musk had estimated the time required for the processing of the project, including more than five years, but that the entry of other companies in financing operations and development may accelerate the launch of SpaceX industrial moons those before 2020

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stealing $ 5 million from the coin of "Bitcoin" electronic

Currency Bitcoin value deteriorated substantially since 2013, after its value fell to about quarter
Currency Bitcoin value deteriorated substantially since 2013, after its value fell to about quarter

The new year saw the first Computer crime after less than a week at the beginning, where she was banking company "Petstamb" specialized in the currency of the digital composition of piracy around five million dollars from the currency Slovenian, prompting them to stop their services until further notice, according to the site, "ZDNet" mail on technical affairs.
The company said in a message on its website that a financial Mahfezadtha operating exposed to penetrate on the fourth of January this therefore halted its services, noting that the portfolio lost 19 thousand of the currency composition of which corresponds to about five million dollars (each configured equivalent of $ 270)
She explained that the majority of funds reserved places in "cold storage", separated from the Internet and can be accessed through, stressing that what has been lost is just "crumbs" from the currency used in repeated transactions on the Internet.
She said she has asked its customers not to make any process of depositing any of the addresses configured previously issued to prevent any further losses, noting that all customer balances saved by this temporary suspension of services will not be affected and will be met in full.
The company did not give any other details related to the suspects in the process of penetration or when services will return to work, and the chief executive apologized for "Petstamb" Nejk Corduroy on his account on Twitter for those affected by the temporary stop service
Corduroy also told the site, "Wired" mail that his company is currently cooperating with law enforcement agencies to detect hackers who are behind this attack, adding that they are working to secure a reserve for site transfer Petstamb to a new environment safe in preparation for the recovery of the service on the Internet in the coming days.
These will form the incident certainly another blow to the currency of the digital composition which is already in a state of confusion after the theft of nearly half a billion dollars worth of the composition of the exchange company, "MTV. Jukes" Japanese last year in pay to settle scores letter attack, and the value of the currency collapsed more than a thousand dollars in 2013 to about a quarter of this value now

Xiaoma challenge the iPhone 6 Plus phone "Mai Knott"

Xiaoma founder and chief executive John Lee during its review of the advantages of the phone, "Mai Knott
Xiaoma founder and chief executive John Lee during its review of the advantages of the phone, "Mai Knott"

Company "Xiaoma" Chinese revealed -alta known in China as "Apple's America" to fame manufactures smart phones like phones Apple's US-for a new phone from Alvabelt phones category called "Mai Knott," very similar to the phone, the iPhone is 6 Plus, but system Android at a low price.
The Company will be the new phone later this month in China, which comes measured 5.7 inches screen, and specifications of the upper class is superior in some of the best smart phones currently on the market such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
During its review of the advantages of the new phone, make me John, founder Xiaoma and CEO of mind to make a comparison with the iPhone phone 6 Plus, where the phone comes to the structure of the metal, used glass gorilla 3 resistant to scratches, and a thickness of 6.95 millimeters (versus 7.1 millimeters for the iPhone 6 Plus), and and weighed more than 161 grams (compared to 172 grams for the iPhone 6 Plus)

Prime Xiaoma compares the advantages
"Knott Mi" and "iPhone 6 Plus" (Reuters)
The phone comes with a camera background compete for their quality phone camera Samsung and Apple mentioned, using precisely 13 Megapeixla sensor development of Japan's Sony Corporation, includes the "optical image stabilization" feature, and the flash of a kind, "Phelps-2" to capture the degree of natural color of the skin, along with front camera precisely four Megapeixlat.
The Company will phone two versions: the first comes standard processor Snabdragon 801 quad-core processor speed of 2.5 GHz, and includes three gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and the screen resolution of 1080p, with support for two tranches of touch fourth generation technology (4G), and a battery with a capacity of three thousand milliampere supports Technology fast shipping, and two options for internal storage capacity are 16 or 32 Gigabaita.
The second version of "Pro", fitted processor Snabdragon 810 eight-core, high-definition screen resolution of 2560 × 1440 in Kassala, and four gigabytes of memory (RAM), and the capacity of the fastest fourth generation of the category of "Il y T-Cat 9" network connection.
Phone company and will go "Mai Knott" in China at a price equal to $ 370, while the model will go "Pro" in March / March for $ 520, a price far less than the price of the iPhone 6 Plus, which is $ 749.
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Beware .. Apple and Google,monitor all movements

Apple and Google collect many personal and non-personal data for users of their organs under the pretext of providing a better use experience
Apple and Google collect many personal and non-personal data for users of their organs under the pretext of providing a better use experience

Put the smartphone, and the allocation of the use of data collected by the system and determine the geographical locations (GPS) all our personal information, however, private companies, and government agencies, however, thus. Google and Apple Americas and come on top of companies interested in collecting information about users and take advantage of them may surprise a lot of them.
Monitor all your movements
Apple monitor and keep all traffic for users of its organs, but a recent amendment allowed users to access the data they collect, although the company did not disclose this fact.
To know any sites that monitor the Apple through your head to "Settings" then "Privacy" and then "Site Services". At the bottom of the resulting page select "System Services" In the middle of the page select the "usual sites," and there will reach a list of places that I have visited, and every one of them you can see today the details of the time and duration that you're in that place, and other data.
Of course, Apple does not monitor just your site as described in the rules of privacy, where it says "may collect and use, and convey, and disclose non-personal information for any reason .. This data is not personal on how you use for your applications, and how you use our services, including search queries, occupation, language, zip code, country code, and the identifier of the device, and the address of the Web Reference, location, and time zone. "
And stresses as well as collect personal information such as "multi-information, including your name, postal address, phone number, e-mail, contacts, bookmark, and credit card information."
Register your site
Google and not less than Apple in this regard, even when the application is closed maps it can still follow you, and of course, Google collects and keeps more than just websites.
Indeed, according the privacy policy of the company, they gathered details on how you use your computer, such as search queries, and information recorded phone such as your phone number, and phone numbers that you receive or related to, the timing and date of calls, duration, and information guide SMS text messaging, and the quality of calls, Internet Protocol address, and information cases such as the collapse of the device and system activity, settings and gear, and the quality of the browser, and language, and the date and time of your query and address of the Web Reference, and cookies which may include account information on Google, and so on.
Perhaps Apple has and Google good intentions by collecting all the data, as it leads to improved their services and thus provide the experience of the use and applications of the best ads that are most suitable connection, and thus the company's benefit and users alike, but the problem is that these data can be be obtained by a third party at any time, including any governmental entity.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terror Attack on Charlie Hebdo Paris Headquarters

Police in Paris are engaged ongoing terror incident in Paris which heavily armed terrorists who stormed the headquarters of a French satirical magazine called Charlie Hebdo.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Huawei .. the success story of the beginning of PBX phone

Huawei .. the success story of the beginning of PBX phone
Huawei .. the success story of the beginning of  PBX phone

During the eighties of the last century, the Chinese government has paid its efforts towards a multi-faceted strategy for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in the country, and was one of the core communications network elements is the telephone exchanges keys, and here was the beginning of Huawei, which is today the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world.
In the late eighties several Chinese research groups applied for the purchase and development of exchanges phone technology, and it is usually through joint ventures with foreign companies, in that time it was soon all communications technologies in China are imported from abroad.
This pay former engineer in the People's Liberation Army rang Zchngfe to establish a local Chinese telecommunications company capable of producing such switches without relying on joint ventures for technology transfer from foreign companies, so brand: Huawei in 1987 in the city of Shenzhen.
According to Huawei, the registered capital at the time of its founding was no more than 3.5 thousand dollars, and in the early years was its business model is focused only on the sale of exchanges phones especially imported from Hong Kong, but the company boosted its investment in research and development of manufacturing technology for, and by the year 1990, has about 55 employees in the areas of research and development, and began manufacturing its products from own switches targeted hotels and small businesses.
Perhaps one of the articular points on Huawei was the year 1996 when the Chinese government has adopted a strict policy towards supporting the local telecom equipment manufacturers and restrict the use of foreign competing products, this has made the Chinese company in the eyes of the government and military hero, pushed for the establishment of a number of other offices and research and development.
In the period from 1998 to 2003, Huawei signed a contract with the American company "IBM" Management Consulting conducted a substantial modifications to the management and restructuring of product development, and accelerated the pace of its expansion into international markets and achieved global sales of over one hundred million dollars and established the first center for research and development outside of China, and was in the Swedish city of Stockholm.
In 2010, Huawei's name appeared for the first time in the list of the richest five hundred company, which publishes an annual "Fortune" magazine, the US, after the arrival of its annual sales to $ 21.8 billion and net profit to 2.67 billion dollars.

Huawei is currently considered one of the most successful manufacturers of smart phones (Getty)
Continuous success
Currently, Huawei is the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world, and the third largest supplier of smart phones, and owner of a huge number of offices of research and development, the owner of tens of thousands of patents, even the date of December 31 / December 2013 filed Huawei more than 44 thousand patents in China and about 19 request A request outside China, and about 15 thousand applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, received about 37 thousand asked to approve.
As for the company since 2010, the largest share in respect of the quality standard patented technology LTE / fourth generation of advanced networks (LTE / LTE-A), and, in particular, has been approved 466 of the company's proposals concerning the technology as an essential criteria, enabling it to occupy the first position and capture nearly 25% of the proposals, which won approval in the world.
And spread products and solutions Huawei in more than 170 countries around the world, and is a research and development a key pillar in support of commercial projects, which employs more than seventy thousand employees in this area, representing 45% of the total number of employees around the world.

In 2013, the company has invested US $ 5.4 billion-that 14% of the total revenues  in research and development programs
Huawei is one of the first corporate actors in the field of research and development devoted to the future of the fifth-generation networks, because of their investments in this area more than six hundred million dollars until 2018, the end of 2013 the company has joined the more than 170 specialized international institutions, the development of standards and standards of technology communications and Information Technology sector.
The company established its headquarters in the Middle East for more than ten years in Bahrain, currently employs about four thousand people, more than 60% of whom were hired locally by the company that are spread in ten countries across the Middle East offices.
Source: Al Jazeera

Samsung incorporate "Tizen" smart Television system

Samsung incorporate "Tizen" smart Television system
Samsung incorporate "Tizen" smart Television system
South Korea's Samsung announced Thursday that all of its new smart TVs that will be launched this year will be equipped with operating "Tizen" system which is being developed, in a move that has been designed from behind to increase the use of its this system, which is currently used in some smart cameras and organs wearable.

The advantage of smart TVs from other as providing additional software, as well as the functions of the Internet connection, such as video streaming services and the possibility of surfing the Internet. Samsung had offered subsidized system Tizen smart TVs at a conference last year for developers.
The head of Samsung acts of visual display Kim Hyun-suk At an interview with the agency Reuters that they are focusing their efforts at the present time on the Tizen system, hoping to adopt other manufacturers of televisions this system in the organs, saying that this would help the platform for growth .
This platform represents the most visible effort in terms of software made by Samsung, which seeks to free itself from the Android operating system of Google's system, but the system failed so far to prove himself, and partly due to Samsung itself in the launch of a smart phone running its failure.

Samsung has developed an open-based source Tizen system on the Linux kernel late 2011 in collaboration with Intel, and launched the first version of it on the thirtieth of April / April 2012, is a series of hours, "Galaxy is" smart camera "The X-1", all of which raised 2014 months devices that currently use this system.
Some analysts question the feasibility of the podium despite Samsung's position as the largest maker of smartphones, especially with the systematic control of Android and "EOS" on the smart phone sector.
However, it is expected that Tizen plays a key role in the field of smart homes work of the Samsung, where the system can work on low computing capabilities of devices, such as refrigerators, washing machines, it offers users a way to monitor and control these devices remotely.
Source: Portal Arab Technology News

Italy Shopping Electric Superbike during 2015

Italy Shopping Electric Superbike during 2015
Italy Shopping Electric Superbike during 2015

Technology Group "CRB" announced the launch of electric motorcycle piercing through 2015
She said the group -alta taken from the Italian city of Modena headquarters has widened the motorcycle engine hacks "Anarjika Igo" generates a power of one hundred kilowatts / 136 hp, and the intention of going on a maximum of 195 Nm.
Thanks to these large horsepower electric bike runs from the steadfast until the speed of one hundred kilometers / hour in less than three seconds, and top speed limits stand at a checkpoint 240 km / h.

Associated with the operation of the bike battery fast driving, if the average speed of sixty km / h, the battery enough to cut almost two hundred kilometers, but in case the leadership of the bike sports a manner at a speed of one hundred km / h, the extent Mileage is fifty kilometers only.

The different time required to charge the battery depending on the source of supply of electricity, and ranges between three and a half hours and thirty minutes to recharge the battery fully or 85%.

Although the "CRB" the Italian group did not specify prices for electrical her bicycle, the expected cost will be in the range of between 30 and 34 thousand US dollars
Source: German

Pirates call service driven for disable Internet sites

Pirates call service driven for disable Internet sites
Pirates call service driven for disable Internet sites
Announced that hackers group calling itself the "Lizard Squad," which embraced attacks on networks Games "PlayStation Network" and "Xbox Live" during the Christmas holiday, the launch of a paid service that allows anyone to use them to disable any website for the work.
The price of the service begins, which bears the name "Lizard Stresr" of three dollars, which uses technology "Distributed denial of service" (DDOS) used in the attack that disrupted networks Sony and Microsoft platforms mentioned games.
Depends deprivation of service attacks on Web sites dumping a huge amount of phantom visits is more than the ability to absorb Internet servers and therefore users are deprived of access to the targeted sites.

According to the hacker group, the tool or service that they might have under the name "Lizard Stresr", pumping between five and twenty Gigabaita in the second of phantom visits, which is enough to stop most electronic work sites.
The tool enables the customer to determine the Web site that wants to attack him to stop for an amount ranging from three dollars to disable the website for a hundred seconds address, seventy dollars to disable it for up to eight hours.

The introduction of these malicious tool Although the Pirates team said in an earlier statement that the breach networks Playstation Network and Xbox Live was motivated by "fun" only, and vowed not to repeat the breach again, but with their announcement about this tool, the real goal may have been marketing to serve the "Lizard Stresr
Source: Portal Arab Technology News