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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shock in Australia because of the case of the man who cooked his wife

Shock in Australia because of the case of the man who cooked his wife  
Shock in Australia because of the case of the man who cooked his wife

Media reports revealed new information on the issue of the chef, who cut off his wife's body and the bread that has rocked the Australian community, and found that the victim was a prostitute working her sex change from male to female, and sends the money her family in Indonesia to spend on them.

The case began last Saturday when the neighbors call the police to the house several houses apartments in the city of Brisbane, capital of Queensland state, where they complained of a foul odor emitting from an apartment on the ground floor, and the police came and fled offender Marcus Peter Falk (28 years).

Reports that police found the body of a woman Members separation Mayanj Prasetyo on the kitchen floor, also found on the pots above the stove for cooking parts of the body, the authorities have not yet comment on the reports.

Then the police later found the body of the husband Falk inside a rubbish bin, it is clear that he committed suicide by stabbing himself with a knife, and police were investigating Falk, but reportedly did not find any trace of mental illness or a sign of drug use is illegal.

Newspaper Brisbane said the postman today for Falk Prasetyo married last year after they met while newspaper operating cost ship said the victim was a working prostitute, and was announces its services on the Internet as "a man turned into a female for sex coming from Asia and the customers of the upper class ".

The newspaper pointed out that the mother of Prasetyo State resident in Lampung Indonesia described the victim as called Vypri her son, and he earns a living family where sends her money and her two daughters, two aged between 18 and 15 years in Indonesia on a regular basis.

He described the neighbors and Prasetyo and worm and enjoy the social feeling, full of social media by a flood of greeting her, and which positions they put pictures of her attractiveness.