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Thursday, October 31, 2013

New record for Barcelona achieved in the match Real Madrid and Sevilla

New record for Barcelona achieved in the match Real Madrid and Sevilla

Despite the weight of the result that hit the nets seven goals against Sevilla three against Real Madrid in the eleventh round of the Spanish league , but the goals scored by players in the nets Sevilla Diego Lopez guard club Barcelona was awarded a record in the Spanish league .

Prior to meeting with Real Madrid and Sevilla were goals scored against Real Madrid in La Liga , three thousand goals, then came three Seville through both Rakittic and Baca to make the figure 3003 goal , compared to three thousand and one goal (3001) in the range of Barcelona to play for the club Andalusian role in outweigh Barcelona Real Madrid in this match, according to published newspaper Sport is close to the region of Catalonia to be Barcelona more clubs excelled in defense compared to number the long years that share them in La Liga for preparing the number lost since the eighty -year-old season in 1930-1931 .

It should be noted that the goal number three thousand which hit the Real Madrid goalkeeper made ​​Barcelona striker Alexis Sanchez in the Clasico superbly which is what I tried to highlight the newspaper as a kind of pride for the Catalan club .

The Barcelona table tops the Spanish league standings with 31 points compared to 25 points for Real Madrid in third place and replace Atletico Madrid in Runners Center .

Ronaldo "slap" Blatter: boycott celebrations of "Viva"

Ronaldo "slap" Blatter: boycott celebrations of "Viva"

Newspaper, Spanish Real Madrid striker , Cristiano Ronaldo is seriously considering the boycott of all forums of the International Federation of Football " FIFA " the coming period as a second reaction to ridicule the President of "Viva " Josep Swiss Blatter him.
And semi- Joseph Blatter rocket Madeira military commander on the field , during a lecture at the University of Oxford Union English , in addition to taunt public appearance , saying: " It 's a lot of money is spent on hair styling ."

The same newspaper explained that the club will take the same position as the Portuguese striker , and told Alblancos Ronaldo management to review its position on the forums County "Viva " before taking the final decision , which will be supported by the Royal Club in front of "Viva ."
The forum comes next for " Viva " on 13 January next year , and to announce winner of the Ballon d'Or where there are Portuguese player on the list next to the Argentine Messi and jet French Ribery Fran .
In the case conclusively Ronaldo forums "Viva " , will join fellow Portuguese Mourinho, who in the past decided to boycott the Golden Ball Award .
He drew Ronaldo blow to Blatter Baanvalh , yesterday, the performance of military salute in the match against Sevilla in the round of 11 of the Spanish league , which led the Portuguese striker Real Madrid to win 7-3 , after he scored a hat trick during the game that won the Cristiano support of the masses , which has been Hailing him throughout the game .

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Canada hosts the first ATM to configure currency

Canada hosts the first ATM to configure currency

Many people lined up in front of the first ATM machine in the world for the composition of currency when it opened ( Reuters )

Embraced cafe espresso in the city of Vancouver province " British Columbia " Canadian first ATM machine (ATM) , the world's currency composition of digital default , has lined up many of the people in front of the device is either to replace their balance in the currencies of the composition of money between actual or to deposit the money to buy the currency composition .

And the composition is the currency digital virtual can be compared to other currencies or euro but they differ with them as fully electronic any that do not exist physicist , they are traded only over the Internet as there is no regulatory body centralized behind it , but can be used like any other currency to buy online or even converted into traditional currencies .

The increased value of the currency composition significantly from $ 13 last January to a record amount reached 266 dollars in April / April and that with the transformation of larger numbers of businessmen and consumers to use these currencies in the buying and selling through the internet .

Also, some investors were treated to " configure " such as gold , which they use to hedge against currency fluctuations and speculation on the rise .

Dealing with the device is by scanning the fingerprint (Reuters)

And اقد opened an ATM machine " Kiosk " - which looks like any ATM last but with a scanner to the hand and barcode - on Tuesday , however remedy the day people were lining up in a queue to replace the currency composition of virtual money between actual or deposit of money to buy more of the currencies of the composition .

CEO says the company " Ropokoiyn " U.S. , Jordan Kelly - a company that makes ATMs - The use of " Kiosk easy as progress towards the device and scan your hand and deposit some money and buy a composition ," adding that this mechanism , any process of exchange may take two days on the Internet you do not need only two minutes with this device.
The value of the currency composition is $ 210 , and can be converted without traffic mediated banks and without the presence of any transfer fees or pass through any intermediaries of any kind, and can then be used to purchase products or services over the Internet , or even some stores selected including cafe " Waves Coffee " that embraces an ATM machine in question.

And using ATM this person must be scanned by putting hand on the screen of the device to make sure of the identity , then the process determines that wants to be implemented , and if he wanted to buy the composition is stored in the electronic wallet on his smart phone . The system restricts the currency conversion process a maximum of a thousand dollars a day in an effort to prevent money laundering and any other form of fraud.

A U.S. restaurants puts a declaration that he accepts the currency composition ( Reuters) -

Says company " Petkoanikas " - which is locally responsible for running an ATM machine mentioned - it will open four devices " Kiosk " other in different parts of Canada in December / December next . Kelly also confirms that by the end of this year , these devices will be deployed in all parts of Canada , and by the end of the year 2014 will be transferred to all parts of the world, including the United States.

The company " Ropokoiyn " that Canada is the ideal place to launch devices " Kiosk " as a result a large number of users of the currency , especially in Vancouver, and the presence of control are less stringent than in the United States, where monitoring bodies anti-money laundering operations trade currency composition , while Canada does not recognize that currency and therefore the anti - money laundering bodies does not monitor trade operations .

Twitter launches new design for its website

Twitter launches new design for its website

The new design aims to attract more advertisers and thus achieve more profits (Reuters)

Company launched "Twitter" micro - blogging American on Tuesday a new design for its website shows photos and videos directly on the home page that publish Tweets subscribers , while he was on the previous joint pressure on the Tweet to show images or video clips attached to them.

Although not affected the basic mechanisms for a way to share content on Twitter new design , it is likely to affect this change in the atmosphere of a social networking site , which has long stuck to its roots as a location for text messages that do not exceed 140 characters in the stage before the advent of smart phones.

The Twitter began in 2006 as the site for the codification mini appear tweets in the form of short text messages consecutive But with the initial public offering of the shares of the company that owns his decision in a matter of weeks , the new design will provide the advertising companies greater opportunities for the dissemination of advertisements striking in front of the eyes of users, and thus achieve more profits for the company .

Recognizes the company a long time ago that the photos and video clips from more content prevalent in social media , and was Tweet the most popular in the history of Twitter, for example, is a picture posted on the personal account of U.S. President Barack Obama is shown a hugs his wife Michelle moment announced his election victory in 2012 and wrote underneath only three words " four more years ."

And the new design says Vice President Twitter for products , Michelle captivity , in a short message posted yesterday that he " can these tweets rich to attract followers to be the closest of what is happening and make them feel as if they were there with you ," he said, adding that they wanted to make it easy for everyone to test this moments Twitter .

Has attracted new look to Twitter immediately different reactions from some technology experts and users first who saw many of them that this design , which relies on the images will be accepted more when new users of Twitter who might find that the old style of the narrative text in the arena is confusing.

But other analysts such as Matthew Ingram see the contrary , where he wrote the last on the site " Gagaom " says Twitter was in danger of being what some call the effect "MySpace " (which is an expression of an excess of ads and images showy ) , due precisely because the Guard " old to Twitter accustomed to sequential text " in Twitter , wondering if the number of advertisers to this design enthusiasts will compensate the company for the number of users disgruntled or frustrated him ?

Epson compete with Google smart glasses

Epson compete with Google smart glasses :

Glasses Epson presents the user with a virtual screen measuring 80 inches and provides the ability to display three-dimensional
Although the glasses Google smart acquired interest in the Google developers Aye / or 2013 , which ended a few days ago , the Epson Japanese did not miss the opportunity offered in conjunction with the Conference glasses smart development carried the name " Moferrio Pte -100" in an attempt to compete with glasses Google .

Unlike glasses Google that information appears in the upper-right corner of the eye user , the glasses Epson Smart characterized as showing content off appointed the user directly as if watching screen measuring eighty inches at a distance of five meters, and accurately 960 × 540 pixels ( Q- HD ), as it supports three-dimensional video display .

The screen can in glasses Epson to provide information about the place in which the user resides or people around him , or for a specific project the user is working to accomplish .

Unlike Google glasses pan - oriented users, the Epson designed Bnzartha the business environment , where they can be used to see the live broadcast of what is happening in front of the user as if the viewer was living inside it.

For example, a doctor can be wearing glasses to watch for signs of vital information about the patient that you treat him , and then connect to another doctor through bifocals to watch what he is doing at the same time and get a second opinion.

Glasses translated into Japanese

New glasses for it now amounts to about 83 thousand U.S. dollars ( Reuters) -

In the latest trend in the world of glasses invented company " Onaessa " Japanese computer maker also play a role glasses translator.

The company set a computer personally very precise in the context of the glasses and the display unit , allowing two do not know each other 's language dialogue smoothly .

A simple push of a button on a small modern records and sends to the server , which in turn analyzed and translated and then the server sends the modern translator to the user who can read native language through a small display unit .

And despite the fact that this technology is still in the development stages , the company says that producing the fastest unit in sight The goal is to break the language barrier.

But the new invention called the " Navigator " will not be cheap , Fetmenh currently up to about 83 thousand U.S. dollars , but it will decrease with time .

The company says that if everything goes well it will be foreign tourists could host says confidently , " I can see what you are saying ."

Significant growth in sales of wearable devices

Smart watches come on top of wearable devices that are competing technology companies to produce them ( Getty Images )

Study is expected to Swedish research firm that the number of wearable devices sold to about 64 million units in 2017 to reach a timely record the highest rate for that category sales of electronic devices.

She explained the company " Berg Insight, " market research in the study that the rate of growth of hardware sales wearable rise well since last year, as the number of devices sold in that category to 8.4 million units by the end of 2012, an increase of 50.6% compared to the year 2011 and was sold about 3.1 million units only in that category.

The category includes wearable devices both smart glasses , smart watches , bracelets in addition to the mathematical sense biomarkers for her employer , such as those produced by the companies " Nike " 

The analyst firm Berg Insight , Johan Svanberg , to develop technologies that serve wearable devices , such as techniques for low - power wireless connectivity and cloud computing , contribute significantly to the spread of that class of devices.

He added that manufacturers of wearable devices currently targeting specific markets , but in the coming years will expand in the global markets which will contribute to increased sales of that class of electronic devices.

It is noteworthy that most of the technology company leading entered in the hardware industry wearable companies such as Google U.S. through her ​​glasses smart or two Japan's Sony , Samsung, the South Korean Banteghma hours clever , in addition to companies such as Apple and Microsoft Americas , which reports indicated the intention to produce devices of that class .

News: Technology , LG unveils "LG Flex" arcuate

News: Technology

LG " Ji Flex " come arched on the horizontal axis unlike the Samsung (European)

After a series of leaks on her smart phone curved unveiled South Korea 's LG finally her day " Ji Flex " which comes flat-screen technology " Old " ( OLED ) arched across the horizontal axis .

The phone thickness ranges between 7.9 mm and 8.7 mm and weighs 177 grams and has a screen measuring six inches accurately my 720 (p), and works a 800 Snabdragon processor quad-core Qualcomm American fast 2.26 GHz .

In addition to those specifications have strong phone random access memory (RAM) size of 2 GB , and the rear camera accurately 13 Megapeixla , the battery capacity of 3500 mAh .

Analysts believe that smart phones arched or curved when Maintained by hand provides more convenience of mobile flat , but the lack of a new attractive features go beyond what is currently available means that it is unlikely that constitutes and alone a strong attraction to the final consumer .

The company Samsung , South Korea recently revealed phone curved " Galaxy rhubarb " that comes arched on its axis vertical , and although Samsung has reviewed some of the special features Bhattvha the LG merely describing her as " the first smart phone inflected real world," and it provides comfort best when making calls and video viewing experience more immersive .

And has the feature phone " Screen closure seesaw " move back depending on how the phone tilt the resulting effects of different decoder lock when the user touches the different parts of the screen , in addition to the feature allows the user to drag the closing of the screen to open specific applications directly.

But the strange thing is what it calls the Korean company technology " self-healing " that you are comparing the character " Wolverine " from the movie " Men - X" who heals itself automatically when injuries , where it says that the back of the screen provider membrane condoms designed to get rid of scratches on the phone within minutes.

And like its rival Samsung , LG plans to launch the phone in South Korea only starting from next month , and there were no details yet on when putting this phone globally.

It is noteworthy that LG is struggling like other manufacturers of smart phones to compete with companies Samsung and Apple , which Ttzeman this market and Thsaddan almost all their profits, especially as the LG announced last week for an operating loss in the third quarter within the Department of mobile devices totaled $ 75 million.

Sony introduces Xperia™ Z1

The world’s leading camera in a smartphone
The elegant, 5” Xperia Z1 is the latest addition to Sony’s premium Z series of products and brings Sony’s proven world-class technologies to the smartphone like never before – including the very best of Sony’s camera expertise. Xperia Z1 features Sony’s award-winning “G Lens” with a 27mm wide angle and bright F2.0 aperture, custom made large 1/2.3-type CMOS image sensor Exmor RS for mobile with 20.7MP and a BIONZ for mobile image processing engine. The combination of these technologies delivers the same level of quality and performance as a conventional compact digital camera in a slim, waterproof smartphone. Indeed, independent testing has confirmed that Xperia Z1 provides the best overall image quality of all leading smartphones1. This means that Xperia Z1 captures beautiful, sharp and bright images even in lowlight conditions. High shutter speeds and 3x clear image zoom also prevents shots from being blurred while enabling them to be captured at distance.

Innovative suite of Xperia Camera Applications
Xperia Z1 takes the conventional camera experience to a whole new level by including an innovative set of Xperia Camera Applications that deliver new experiences. Applications at launch include:

Social live: Broadcast precious moments live from Xperia Z1 to Facebook and get your friends’ comments right on your screen.
Info-eye™: Innovative visual search function that provides related information on landmarks and on items such as books or wine simply by capturing them with the camera.
Timeshift burst: Capture the perfect shot every time – Xperia Z1 takes 61 images in 2 seconds – a second before and after pressing the shutter – so you can scroll back and forth to find the perfect image.
AR effect: Overlay a selection of fun, customizable animations to create pictures using Sony’s SmartARTM augmented reality technology.
This experience is supported by a robust ecosystem of established and up-and-coming developer partnerships who are working to create Xperia Camera Applications. Many more apps will be available through the Sony Select recommendation store after launch.

Beautiful design with high power and performance
Xperia Z1 also includes all of the features consumers have come to expect of a Sony smartphone. Its stunning looks combine Sony’s acclaimed OmniBalance design with premium materials and precision engineering in a slim waterproof and dust resistant smartphone (IP55 & IP58). A solid one-piece aluminium frame with tempered glass on the front and back ensures beauty and durability as well as a consistent viewing experience from any angle.

Xperia Z1 features the fully integrated Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor with 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU and 4G LTE to provide a seamless connected entertainment experience, industry leading battery performance and amazing speed. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor features the latest GPU and dual ISP for incredible graphics, 3D games and videos. The Xperia Z1 also includes a 3000 mAh battery for a high battery performance. Sony’s Battery STAMINA Mode automatically turns off functions to save power when you don’t need them and restarts them when you do.

Incredible out of the box entertainment with Sony’s media applications and technologies
Xperia Z1 integrates PlayMemories Online2, a cloud-based image and video service that is integrated into the Album application. A new ‘All Sync’ feature enables users to instantly auto-upload all of their photos without storage limitation3.

Sony’s “WALKMAN” and Movies applications are also included and provide access to more than 22 million songs on the “WALKMAN” app through Music Unlimited and more than 150K movies and TV series on the Movies app through Video Unlimited2 from Sony Entertainment Network.

Thanks to the inclusion of Sony’s BRAVIA TV technology, Xperia Z1 features Sony’s unique TRILUMINOS Display for mobile, creating a wider palette of rich natural colours for an immersive viewing experience. It also includes X-Reality for mobile – Sony’s intelligent super resolution technology which analyzes each image and optimizes the quality to deliver super sharp videos. Xperia Z1 also brings Sony’s audio expertise to play with Sony’s ClearAudio+ which automatically optimizes the audio experience without the need to adjust individual settings.

Xperia Z1 comes with an incredible entertainment offer that includes five great movies plus an exclusive movie access pass to the digital release of Sony Pictures’ summer blockbuster Elysium as well as a two month free trial of Sony’s Music Unlimited4 streaming service plus much more.

Xperia Z1 also features a new application called TrackIDTM TV5 that enhances your TV-viewing experience. It lets users search, share and explore information from broadcasted TV shows such as cast & crew, biographies, filmography or show related Tweets.

Unrivalled ecosystem of companion products and smart accessories
Xperia Z1 is supported by an ecosystem of innovative companion products and accessories. All are underpinned by Sony’s one-touch functions with NFC technology which will number approximately 100 compatible products by the end of the year including TVs, headphones, audio speakers, tablets, and more. Key products include:

Companion products to enhance the camera experience
QX10/QX100: High-performance ‘lens-style’ cameras designed for mounting on smartphones and operated through the smartphone screen – a perfect partner for the Z1.
Smart Imaging Stand IPT-DS10M: An intelligent accessory that helps Xperia Z1 detect smiles and capture special moments without the need to hold the handset
Smartphone Tripod SPA-MK20M: A versatile tripod perfect for extra stability when taking pictures or capturing video

New spy scandal: Washington bugged telephone conversation 125 billion Arab

New spy scandal: Washington bugged telephone conversation 125 billion Arab

Revealed secret documents, published site « Krebtomi » U.S. , that the U.S. National Security Agency spied on about 125 billion telephone and text messages , mostly in the Middle East.


The Web site said that the National Security Agency, the U.S. spied on text messages and phone calls to several Arab and foreign countries during the month of January last year, confirming that it spied on Egypt at 1.9 billion touch during the month of January only and 7.8 billion contact in Saudi Arabia , as in Iraq, while bugged Jordan in connection 1.6 billion .
The site explained that the biggest espionage operations was in Afghanistan , where it has been eavesdropping on 21.98 billion touch operation, followed by the state of Pakistan , where the number of calls that bugged by the Agency 12.76 billion connection .
It is noteworthy that the leaders of some countries such as Brazil , Mexico and France have accused the United States formally Baltsnt phone calls of their own, while denied Turkish President Abdullah Gul, the National Security Agency to this matter in spite of getting the press Alankulaiza Glenn Greenwald documents proving the involvement of the United States getting private calls Turkish president .
And in the evolution of the ' wondrous ' to the issue of eavesdropping said Mike Rogers , chairman of the U.S. Congressional Intelligence Committee , said that the Europeans to express their gratitude and not anger about the what they called spy of the United States, stressing that the espionage operations provide them with protection, he said.
Rogers added , in an interview with CNN that the U.S. The first evening , that if he had known French nationals for spying order will express their gratitude because it maintains security , and maintains the security of the United States and its European allies security .

In the same vein , said Congressman Peter King 's « NBC » America said that the U.S. President Barack Obama to stop apologizing on the practices of surveillance of America, because in fact managed the National Security Agency of America preserve the lives of thousands, not only in the United States, but in France Germany and many other European countries , he said 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Syrian penetrate my Obama on "Twitter" and Facebook

Syrian penetrate my Obama on "Twitter" and Facebook :

Announced " the Syrian army -mail" has claimed responsibility for penetrating account of U.S. President Barack Obama in my site "Twitter " and " Facebook" . The U.S. media reported on Monday evening, October 28, that Internet hackers were able to redirect links sent from my e - American president , in addition to the deployment of video recordings telling the story of the war in Syria . An official from the organization " in order to work " that emerged from Obama 's re-election campaign that links shortcut tool used by the organization exposed to piracy for a brief period . The tool uses a shortcut links to deal with the addresses of Web pages to reduce the number of letters the links do not take up a large portion of the characters in tweets on " Twitter " and that a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet .

The electronic links in the pages of Obama on the " Facebook " and " Twitter " and developed with the aim to inform readers on the subject published in the " Washington Post " on immigration , but the intervention of Internet hackers make these links related to the registration of a photographer regard to the conflict in Syria. And rarely writes Obama himself Tweets on " Twitter " account which is managed by the staff of the organization " in order to work " but when he does so skilled tweets initials of his name.

U.S. intelligence : spying on leaders

U.S. intelligence : Spying on leaders

Director of National Intelligence justified Alomirkh , James Clapper, to spy on foreign leaders as a " fundamental principle " in intelligence operations , while head of the National Security Agency , Keith Alexander, the European press charges " completely false ."

During a hearing before the Intelligence Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives after the disclosure of the Washington spy operations coverage, Clapper said the intelligence agencies belonging to the allied countries are spying on the leaders of the United States and its intelligence services .

For his part , the director revealed the National Security Agency accused monitor millions of phone calls and e-mails, that the information obtained by the agency is the fruit of cooperation with European intelligence agencies and NATO.

Alexander said at the same meeting that the foreign devices provide the agency with this information , describing the European press reports about American espionage activities " wrong " .

The Intelligence Committee was held in the House of Representatives headed by MP , Mike Roger , a hearing to discuss the U.S. eavesdropping programs in light of concern from violating the privacy of users and means of communication within and outside the United States .

He defended Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency about these programs for its role in the prevention of terrorist attacks in Europe, as well as to protect American citizens from possible attacks .

Clapper stressed and Alexander that the " intelligence community " America's going to strike a balance between security requirements and concerns of invasion of privacy , and stressed that the goal of eavesdropping on calls or e - mails intelligence gathering purely and is subject to the regulations and laws .

Urgent: Facebook close accounts

Urgent Urgent: 
Facebook campaigning Close the accounts that the suspect and requests identification card in order to re-use the account if your name is not a real other now.  larger scope of publishing It's not a joke.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Nokia has unveiled a 41 megapixel camera-phone

NEW Nokia 2013

Nokia has unveiled a 41 megapixel camera-phone - designed so phone users can 'zoom in' without a bulky lens.

The 41-megapixel sensor is around three times more powerful than the ones in any existing handsets.
A Nokia executive says, 'It shows what we can do.' 
The phone will be launched in May and cost 480 Euros.
Nokia says the technology is designed so users can zoom in quickly and easily without losing picture quality. 
Most smartphones use digital zoom functions where the picture quality drops when users 'zoom in' - in practice, the zoom functions are rarely used.
PureView's huge 41-megapixel sensor lets users zoom in up to six times simply by 'selecting' an area - and because of the super-high resolution of the PureView, images still come out at five megapixels, the same as many normal smartphone cameras.
With video, users can zoom in up to four times and still shoot in 1080p Full HD. 
'When you zoom with the Nokia 808 PureView, in effect you are just selecting the relevant area of the sensor,' says the Finnish company. 'With no zoom, you simply use the full area of the sensor.'
The phone is bulkier than normal camera phones, according to reports from Barcelona's Mobile World Congress

iphone 6

iphone 6 

As mentioned in the title of today Streve Wozniak said that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen. The Apple co -founder was present at Apps World 2013 and told investors that:

"I still prefer the iPhone ."

iPhone 6 gets a bigger screen

However, Wozniak said he was appealing Android devices and he thinks Apple should respond to the rising demand for larger screens . Here's what he mentioned about this:

"At first, I bought Android Smartphones walking for personal use and I was offended until the Nexus One arrives . I was a fan of some other models , but the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note, these are very good devices. As for the HTC One and Galaxy S4 , I prefer a device with a larger "screen .

It is true that many smartphones running Android feature larger and Apple still has not developed such a smartphone screens. Last week , Donald Trump , the most famous U.S. businessman has posted a ' tweet ' on which he said that Apple needs to increase the size of the iPhone. Despite this enthusiasm for larger screens , Apple has not said anything about it.

Reports say that when a businessman from the trunk of Donald Trump says you lose your leading position in the market, you should put you right to work. However , analysts predict that the iPhone 6 will land with a larger screen measuring between 4.8 and 6 inches. In addition , many images showing different concepts have surfaced. These pictures show us that the next iPhone 6 will receive a larger screen .

The old rumors claimed that the iPhone 6 will be designed as phablette and that compete with other phablettes as the Samsung Galaxy Note . From what the current rumors , the iPhone 6 will borrow some features to iPhone 5S as A7 64-bit processor , the graphics coprocessor M7, the 'Touch ID' and iOS 7. However, the device will also receive specific as NFC and internal storage capacity of 128 GB , which we state , was not offered in previous models.

On the launch date of the iPhone 6, the Apple brand has yet confirmed anything. However , speculators say that this device will land in the first quarter of 2014 and most likely in the month of March.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The benefits of coffee and the increased damage

Coffee ... Benefits and harms to the body

Do you actually operates kidney cup of coffee for 24 hours of work increase? And if so is it dangerous? And the right for drinking coffee? It is said that the drink with sugar better, and sometimes better without sugar, what is right? Or does not affect the presence of sugar or not?

We hear the words of multiple it protects the heart and brain, and after a while we read it causes the opposite, and so, what is their impact on the body and organs such as the heart, liver and lung?

The allowable amount of daily drinking coffee at what times?

The benefits of coffee and the increased damage alone .

As for your first question , the caffeine , which contain coffee leads to generation in the urine after an hour to two hours of drinking coffee , and then stops the effect of caffeine as a diuretic , and depend the amount of urine trainers on the amount of caffeine contained in coffee, and on the amount of coffee , and estimated the amount of urine at 1.7 ml per 1 mg of caffeine .

And a cup of coffee contains the amount of caffeine vary according to the type of coffee, and the extent of its focus , for example, drip coffee ( the U.S. ) has a cup of 200 ml of 65-100 mg of caffeine , and Turkish coffee contain a greater proportion because of its focus, and lactation in the urine is not of things harmful to humans normal who do not complain of any sick .

And coffee booster for the nerves and the mind , it has been found that there are benefits to the heart of human Eating average two to three cups .

But more than that , it may be a negative impact from lack of sleep , palpitations , nervousness, and it varies from one person to another .

As for the brain , there are many medical research that shows that people who drank coffee less likely those others to infection disease Parkinson's disease or diabetes Bar Kansan , but the results do not prove conclusively that coffee protects against paralysis Parkinson , does not mean that a healthy increase their consumption for coffee .

- There is no effect on the liver.

- There are caveats to coffee drinkers , including:

1 - prefers not to use coffee in abundance at one time .

2 - It is preferable not to drink coffee on an empty stomach because article ( nicotinic acid ) to bad effect on the stomach.

3 - prefer not to have a coffee in abundance for those who have heart palpitations , the situation is even worse .

4 - Do not be a lot of coffee to those who complain of high blood pressure.

5 - may not be abused by those who complain of sore or increased acidity in the digestive tract .

6 - warns abuse to the expectant mother , and especially in the last months of pregnancy.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trees sprout in gold in Australia

Scientific discovery :
                           Trees sprout in gold in Australia

Australian researchers found a type of trees " Eucalyptus " sprout leaves gold in one of the remote areas in Australia.

The team sought a scientific discovery of resources in the arid region called " Gold Fields " ( gold fields ) Western Australia, where gained this region its name what is believed to the richness of its soil sediments gold , unless it can scientists discovered in the past , so the group decided scientific prospecting for gold, but in the elsewhere he leaves " Eucalyptus " deployed in the region .

The researchers decided to ensure the health of Australians are famous for common trees of this region which grows gold , and they harvest a range of tree leaves and analyzed in the laboratory , and was a surprise to find the remnants of gold on the leaves.

It is noteworthy that the trees " Eucalyptus " known for high Beslaptha , as that could deepen the roots in the soil for tens of meters to get the groundwater , which is also responsible , as scientists believe , for the absorption of the gold particles from the soil.

To be sure , the team planted trees " Eucalyptus " inside a nursery in the soil of saturated molecules gold , and the result was found remnants of gold on the leaves , according to the journal "Nature".

Not considered the idea of ​​absorption plants for metal surrounding soil Jadida in terms of scientific , but what makes the discovery of Australia is unique to several factors, the most important of that gold can be a component of toxic and deadly for the plant , and the transition from the roots to the leaves increases the uniqueness of the situation.

And cut the Australian team on the road to achieve the fortunes of dreamers behind this discovery, as it pointed out that all the tree leaves will not only contain a very small amount of gold ( 46 ppb) , pointing out that obtaining a marriage ring needs to hundreds of small trees.

Magnetic storm hit Earth tomorrow warnings to heart patients

 Magnetic storm hit Earth tomorrow warnings to heart patients :


As a result flares that occurred in the sun during the past two days , resulting in the start of the plasma, may lead to a mild magnetic storm hit the ground on 25 and 26 of this month. A representative of the Institute of Applied Geophysics , said the flares were the degree of M4 " occurred glows three degrees M. Glow first was weak , followed by the glow second Tuesday evening and was more powerful than its predecessor in the Wednesday night event glow else. Has resulted in these flares starting blocks coronary weak and speed were not high. will reach the earth's surface on 25 and 26 of this month. " "We will not be a disaster as a result of that ," stressing that the magnetic activity index will not exceed 5 , the lowest values ​​, which means magnetic storm .
The expert pointed out , that the flares got in 1875 , which is a group of solar spots with a complex structure , could give glows seconds .And referred to as the magnetic storms affecting the health of people who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels and blood pressure

The world's most beautiful rivers, Kano Crystal River with five colors in Colombia

The world's most beautiful rivers, Kano Crystal River with five colors in Colombia

Image above is not an average of one photo editing program but natural and genuine image of the most beautiful river in the world. River Kano Christeal the English and Cano Cristales This river is located in Columbia and named this river is also the name of the river five colors or the most beautiful river in the world, strange in this river that throughout the year the river plain like all of the other rivers and attracts attention not pay any attention to him one. But in one of the months of the year begins this picturesque colors appear on the surface to give it the splendor and beauty of the view.

During the brief period between seasons, wet and dry, low water level in the river shall bear rule sunlight to warm the algae, which is located at the bottom of the river, and this warmth leads to the explosive growth of these algae to bloom and grow colors different, and all this happens only for a brief period in thebetween classes for a few weeks of September and November.

And is this river in a remote area isolated not easily accessible by road, where was closed that area for several years due to terrorist activity in the region, but reopened the area to visitors in 2009, and became today there are many tourist agencies Colombian Yen directed passengersto that area and did a wonderful river view. Here are several pictures that wonderful river with five colors, relative to the five colors that show it because of the algae and growth

Strange phenomena about the Bermuda Triangle

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Strange phenomena about the Bermuda Triangle  

We all know the stories and anecdotes that are listed on the Bermuda Triangle and the myths that hatched about the strange phenomena that limit near this area nor  anyone approaching them. But using sonar waves Discover the world of ocean Dr Meyer Verlag mega pyramids, believed to be from glass at a depth of 2000 meters below the sea surface and using some of the other devices scientists discovered that these pyramids made ​​of crystal and they are 3 times more than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Dr. Meyer believes that if you are many studies on this region and these pyramids will enable the knowledge of a lot of information that could explain these strange phenomena regarding triangle Baramoudah grant . This discovery was announced at a press conference in the Bahamas has also been announced that the technology that has been used in the construction of two such pyramids is known to us so far as Scientists believe that Thmaa of the information required for the studies will not be easy at all. The land on which it was built ... and polar shift ? ? There are many scientists who agree that these pyramids have were built on the ground above sea level and after the polar shift who is believed to geologists that it happened to the land since time immemorial has led to the collapse of the earth's crust and the occurrence of several devastating earthquakes and tsunami huge led to the dumping of pyramids under the sea . Another group of scientists have linked the disappearance island of Atlantis with these pyramids and the same area of the Bermuda Triangle and who believe that these two pyramids are the cornerstone of the power supply to the island for more than 100 years.

But what scientists agreed that the results of the studies , which will be based on this discovery will be difficult to imagine or ratification dramatically. Devices reveal نتائح indicate that the surface of the pyramids Omlessan greatly resembles glass or snow has been picking up many of the two images so that it is forming a three-dimensional image with a high resolution in order to imagine pyramids on the surface. The studies can support the on the pyramids theories of engineers that the pyramids were built originally as a source of energy as it can Ontvsr some theories about Atlantis that was actually associated with them. Characteristics of LCD Ahram : There are many theories that talk about engineering use LCD -Ahram as a source of energy or at least the proximal part of the summit , where it proved some experiments that were made decades ago that the pyramids LCD work electrical Kmktv normal -massive energy storage works on around him. Whenever the size of the pyramid bigger the size of the energy carried by the largest . As the material is it made ​​of pyramid has a significant impact on the type of the amount of energy stored as a pyramid made ​​of crystal or a crystal summit increases the strength of energy stored in the pyramid significantly. Scientists have known since time immemorial - since the invention of electricity and photovoltaic applications of glass , diamond - diamond that has many of the electrical properties as its application in the field of natural electrical stress .

In the early time of the invention of radio waves were using Germanium crystals for the reception of radio waves and convert them into electrical signals and handled as normal

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Gene discovery erase painful memories

News Scientific Discoveries :

Gene discovery erase painful memories

If you want to get rid of a bad memory in your life, it is no longer impossible, since according to a study in the field of brain research that can erase the painful memories and haunting.

And the process is done when the new solved memories old place, they end up able to completely delete painful memories. And can result in search of medical progress and finding a successful treatment for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, or who Atazbon from previous painful experiences.

Scientists believe at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that if you found a way to expand the activity of the gene responsible for clear memories and so-called "TIT 1", might change people's lives.

Promising new way to treat infertility women

Promising new way to treat infertility women

I discovered a new way may give hope to women who can not have children or suffer fertility problems. Way, which is a revolution in the field of infertility treatment may herald other medical prospects for the treatment of serious diseases such as cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.

In a recent experiment is perhaps a revolution in the world of medicine, the Japanese team managed to give hope to the lady suffered infertility consuming, and newly born children properly structure.

The clinical trial developed by researchers at the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford University in California and tried on about twenty-seven women at the University Hospital Kasaukai Japanese, to stimulate the ovaries are not eligible for the production of eggs and the rest of the female sex hormones, through the re-planting very small pieces from the pores of the active derived from the ovary In women suffered an early problem in the work of the ovaries.

This method is a real revolution in gynecology, especially women who enter menopause early stage, either for reasons of genetic or hormonal. May help many women who are over forty of having healthy children.

The researchers are now planning to conduct further tests to verify that this technology can help in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

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Official: Apple unveils new iPad October 22

Official: Apple unveils new iPad October 22

Apple announced that it will hold a media event on October 22 , which is in line with expectations , and the conference will take place in the eighth GMT in the Yerba Buena Arts Center - San Francisco - . California

Apple may offer next  for new versions . iPad, including iPad 5, which is similar in design new iPad Mini, but a larger size , and the iPad 2 with a Mini Ritna of the screen there are also other products with Apple - and so clear that Apple has stated in the announcement of the conference : "We have much to introduce " - like the new version of Apple TV , MacBook Pro , and OS X Mavericks and new Mac Pro it is not clear which of these products to the event, but the new MacBook Pro Mac OS Mavericks and are more likely to appear at the time of the next Tablet again. devices has already been mentioned that the Mavericks will be available in late October , making it the appropriate time to get the final details , such as price , etc. , and have been providing New Mac Pro we heard earlier this year, said Apple before being released by the fall , it supports as indicated by recent reports that Apple is already preparing to launch new and it is in the production phase . Apple launches iOS usually about a week after one of the announced , so it s ' expects to find the new iPad hit stores on November 1st , with So we wrote an article published by Dar production delay of the iPad Mini 2 monitors Ritna reason, but in any case , we have a complete coverage of the event, from now until the end of the conference , Follow us

A new technique for the shipment of Samsung in 2014

A new technique for the shipment of Samsung in 2014

( Shipping wireless technology for smart devices ) .. Despite the lack of use of this technique , in fact , they met with echo and noise these media is using this technique expect everyone to be shipped phone is focused on his hand after without Daha on the charging base , but these defects are much lower use.

But that will change as engaging both of the two Korean giants Samsung with New Zealand society PowerbyProxi development of the latest technology in the world of technology where they are charging over your smartphone thanks to a certain distance without reference to turn the phone on the basis of load where it can be used in a wireless vessel. This technique is called " shipping magnetic resonance " and is a technique based on the same technology used in the wireless navigation ( magnetic induction) , but what sets shipping magnetic resonance wireless dispatch the wire expedition sent to only a few centimeters , but the long distances technical shipped .

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google launch NEXUS 7 tablet

Google unveiled the new version of ا tablet " *** " Nexus 7 , which is the version that includes a number of modifications compared to the version launched by the company last year, the most prominent of these amendments in the processor and screen resolution.
Google explained that the new version of the " *** Seuss 7 " have a 7 ​​- inch screen resolution 1200 x 1920 pixels , and supported by a type of graphics processor Adreno 320.
And pulsing inside the new tablet computer , which created the company " Asus " as a copy of last year , quad-core processor of the type Snapdragon S4 Pro , which speed up to 1.5 GHz , in addition to random memory storage capacity of 2 GB RAM .
And owns a computer " *** Seuss 7 " Tablet New Rear Camera 5 megapixel front and another 1.2 megapixel , while the version introduced last year from the computer with only the front camera .
And supported Google حاسبها Tablet PC battery capacity of 3950 mAh , a battery that supports the work until nine hours of HD Videos accurately playback and ten hours of surfing the Internet or 300 hours in a waiting position .
And supports the new version of the computer " *** Seuss 7 " Tablet PC battery technology for wirelessly, a technique launched by Google for the first time with her ​​smart phone " *** Seuss 4 ."
The device will copy " Android 4.3 " new , and will be put in the first two supports communication networks " Wi-Fi " only , and the other supports connect to fourth-generation networks with LTE standard .
And start Google introduced computer tablet in America has a number of stores such as the "Amazon " and " Wal-Mart " and " Radio Shack " on July 30 this month, and so prices 229 dollars for a 16 GB "Wi-Fi ", while costing a 32GB "Wi-Fi " $ 269 ; On the other hand will be the price of 32 GB version supporting LTE communications standard amount of $ 349 .
It is worth mentioning that " Google " will provide the new tablet in a number of additional markets during the next few weeks, such as Britaana markets , Germany, Japan, Canada , Spain, France , Australia, South Korea, did not specify the launch date of the device in the Middle East.

Google launches "ChromeCast" broadcast content on TVs

Google has unveiled a device that acts as an intermediary broadcast content smartphones , tablet computers or portable TVs , a device that launched him the name "ChromeCast".
The device works with a copy of the operating system "Chrome " , and supports work with HDMI ports available in modern TVs that support HD display accurately , as the device connects to the Internet wirelessly .
The device can display videos from "YouTube" and a number of other services on TVs, and can play music from my service " Google Play Music " and " Pandora" push of a button from smart devices or laptops .
The device supports "ChromeCast" display web pages as presented to the browser " Chrome " , the device does not support the Android system , but also supports systems " Windows " and " Mac " and " Chrome " and "iOS".
On the other hand , have the owners of the Android operating system, the devices added advantage when you use the device with their own TVs , where smart device turns into a remote control (Remote Control) for TVs to perform some functions such as volume control .
And allowed Google device "ChromeCast" demand versus $ 35 in the United States with a free subscription for three months in the service NETFLIX to view movies online, and will be available device , either through store " Google Play " or my shop "BestBuy" and "Amazon", did not explain Company time saving device for the rest of the countries around the world .

"NVIDIA" launches the fastest graphics card in the world

"NVIDIA" launches the fastest graphics card in the world
Will provide the graphics card "Quadro K6000" advanced performance workstations and devices to create custom graphics
A company " NVIDIA " America unveiled a graphics card " Quadro K6000 " , and that she would be the fastest and most powerful graphics card in the world.
Contain graphics card new processing unit graphics have been built according to the architectural "Kepler" includes 2880 core type of CUDA connected via bus display 384-bit memory with random access type of GDDR5 capacity of 12 GB , which provides data transfer rate up to 288 Gigabit per second , according to What the company said .
And relate to the card with the motherboard via port "PCI Express 3.0", believes energy transfer rate of 225 watts through 6 feed lines , and supports the card view simultaneously across 4 ports for connecting screens are: port DVI-I, and port DVI-D, and the perpetrators of the DisplayPort 1.2 View supports picture accurately 4K .
The new graphics card , which the company said it intended to substitute for workstations graphics card " Quadro 6000 " , and higher performance .
The company confirmed that it will be installing the new card , which is not detected priced within many workstations of the top manufacturers such as " HP " and " Dell " and " Lenovo " .

Reload recording feature via "Facebook" to enhance users' privacy

Company launched " Facebook " a new update to feature " Facebook Login " , a feature that allows users of the social networking site to use their personal accounts to log into third-party applications without the need to register a new account .
She explained, " Facebook" that the new update allows users of the site log on directly to the application without having to agree to any powers could be used in the automatic deployment of application on the user 's account or to collect personal information about him.
The majority of applications, especially gaming applications that feature uses "Facebook Login" force the user to approve the automatic deployment of which achieved via applicable to حائطه in the social networking site , for propaganda purposes in order to draw the user 's friends to experience the application.
The " Facebook" that they have done so update for users who are afraid to log on to applications across the self-employed on the site because of fears of the use of their personal information , which forced the new update applications on the question used separately from the desire to publish what achieved through the application on their account in automatic or not , without affecting the user 's decision to use the application .
She added, " Facebook " , via the company's official site , the new update makes the login process to applications using personal user account on the social networking site 31 % faster than it was via smartphones.
The feature uses "Facebook Login" large class of users of the social networking site "Facebook" , which describes the company that there are 850 million logon via this feature being a month , adding that a wide range of applications systems "Android " and "iOS" use that feature.
It is noteworthy that 81 of the most popular application hundred application for smart devices used in America on the iOS system and 62 of the most popular application hundred on the system " Android " using logon feature via " Facebook " , and those applications will support the new update , respectively .

Study: Firefox most stable web browser Internet Explorer worst

Study: Firefox most stable web browser Internet Explorer worst
Got the browser " Internet Explorer " at the highest error rate in tests conducted by the company "Sauce Labs" specialized in conducting performance tests for different software .
The company said that the rate of errors obtained by the browser " Internet Explorer" reached 0.25%, while his browser " Safari" being developed by the company " Apple" on the error rate of 0.15% to replace in second place behind the browser developed by the company " Microsoft" list that classified as the worst and the best Internet browsers .
The browser " Opera" in third place in the list prepared by the company "Sauce Labs" error rate of about 0.13 % , followed by the browser " Chrome " error rate of about 0.12 % , then the " Firefox " with errors evenly matched average about 0.11 % .
The company pointed out that the software testing browser " Firefox " being developed by the company " Mozilla " is most browsers stable in all the tests conducted , and that version " Firefox 22 " is more modern versions between different browsers stability and strength in performance.
Version did not appear " Firefox 22 " any negative results in tests done by the company , which tests which showed that the version " Safari 6 " of the worst modern versions between the different versions of browsers at an error rate of 0.12%.
Resolution version "Oprah 12" in second place behind " Safari 6" in the list that showed more modern versions record of the error rate and the rate reached 0.08% , followed by the browser " Internet Explorer 10 " rate of 0.05% , then " Chrome 27" rate of 0.02%.
The company collects the results of tests since 2011 errors out the final results revealed through the official blog , which confirmed that those results are derived from about 55 million tests for different browsers .
This , the company pointed out that for the "Internet Explorer " at the highest rate of errors between the different browsers does not hide the great development that received by the browser from the company " Microsoft" , which has avoided a lot of mistakes when developing the tenth version of their browser .
The company confirmed that the rate of errors in the " Internet Explorer 10 " decreased a lot compared to a rate of errors in the " Internet Explorer 6 ", where the rate of errors in the sixth version of the browser " Microsoft " about 0.31 % , while the rate fell to just 0.05% in the tenth version .
It is noteworthy that some studies suggest that the rate of use of the "Internet Explorer" is the highest among all browsers, while other studies indicate a preference for Internet users in certain continents surfers " Chrome " and " Firefox" to surf the World Wide Web.

Well witches from Estonia

Located in the City Tohala northern Estonia well water sparked curiosity and fear and questioned the local population for more than three thousand years , lies Popular this well, which has a depth of 2.5 meters , which appears naturally in most times of the year in that in the event of heavy rains on the region, the well begins directed by heavy amounts of water that covers the entire surrounding area .

Raised this phenomenon since ancient fear people , تساؤلهم and locals attributed the phenomenon of magic and witches hence gained this well named and who continued to the present time well witches.

Attribute the scientists reason for this strange phenomenon that in the case of heavy rains and fullness reservoirs underground water is not Tsthml aquifers amount of water are discharging water from the point it easier for cabinets is the well water , and attracts the well a lot of tourists from within and outside Estonia to follow this natural phenomenon unique

Strangest zoo in the world

Strangest zoo in the world

Exciting experience at the zoo "Logan" in Argentina, where predators cages are open to visitors to the park and they can contact with animals and ride them and take pictures with them.
It is noteworthy that every visitor to this park, which is considered the most dangerous in the world, pay $ 50 and sign a form which undertakes not to prosecute those responsible for the park if he found himself food for these animals!! It is noteworthy that the only guarantee is to feed the animals throughout the night so as not to be hungry during the day.

Baby burns self baffles doctors and fail to treat

Baby burns self baffles doctors and fail to treat

Indian child is said Rahul burned four times himself and suffered severe burns as a result. Doctors facing child Rahul a mystery did not reach any indication resolved even after 12 test designed to determine the causes burned and so , according to local media on Tuesday. And feel free to speculation that it is possible to have this baby who was only three months old in a village in the state of Tamil Nadu have been wounded by automatic human combustion of the same himself. There is a wide debate about whether this phenomenon already exist where there is no evidence of its existence. There is almost a consensus among scientists that talk about this phenomenon is nothing more than a myth originated when there are incidents of death could not be reached to find out the causes . It is now expected to be analyzed a sample of skin tissue for the baby to see if it has combustible gas somewhere in his body. The blood test will reveal whether there are toxic materials inside . However, the faithful superstitious in the village believe that a child haunted jinn , according to the newspaper " The Times of India . Advised these villagers and the child's parents to leave the village and live in one of the temples. Denied the parents to be the two hands of what happened to their child , the police do not have evidence of their involvement . and there has been speculation for centuries about whether it was possible to burn human beings are self where I found incidents of mysterious Related alcohol excessively or what is known as lightning spherical or ball lightning. often burn bodies in these incidents without there being a body combustible near of these bodies

"Google" provide roaming within the largest passenger plane in the world

"Google" provide roaming within the largest passenger plane in the world

Users can go virtual trip via feature curfew default within the A380 with Emirates Airline .
Announced "Google" on Thursday announced the launch of a new feature, allows users to go virtual trip via feature curfew default Street View inside the largest passenger plane in the world.
The company said in its publication on her blog , she loves everything related to technology , and to put one 's feet inside the largest passenger plane in the world, and the plane , as described, the work of a first-class engineering .
The company followed up by saying that she could not resist seeing this engineering work , so you got cameras and equipment curfew default on Google maps to share this experience for the first time with the world.
And the A380 is known as the best aircraft in the world in terms of fuel efficiency within this category of aircraft, that they provide 20% of the consumption of fuel compared to nearest rival aircraft . The distance between the two wings of the plane 79.8 meters , and therefore can accommodate less , carrying more than 517 passengers max. The aircraft can be cut 15 thousand kilometers per flight .
The company said that in addition to giving users the opportunity to enjoy a virtual tour on board the A380 luxury with Emirates Airline . And explore first-class suites and first - class cabins and business class , as well as toilets and bathrooms " spa " and much more , the lovers are going to love the footage technical pictures of the inside of the cockpit of the plane , as she put it .

The blood of the shark carrying antibodies to the growth of breast cancer

The blood of the shark carrying antibodies to the growth of breast cancer

Researchers discovered at the University of " Aberdeen " Scottish , a sort of antibodies in the blood of sharks, can prevent breast cancer , where scientists believe that the antibodies IgNAR can prevent the growth of cancer cells and to resume the search process relating thereto that can lead to the discovery of a new disease to fight a the most common types of the disease .

University researchers have received " Aberdeen " to give him $ 345 thousand from the Scottish Centre for Research on Cancer , " International Center for Research " to conduct a study period of three years .

Will be the work of researchers based on molecules, and HER2 and HER3 found the on the surface of cancer cells , which when they meet together to become responsible for sending messages of cancer cells to grow and multiply .